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I love to wander local shops… to see what I can see.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a language arts card reminding me to move forward.

Other times, I’m reminded what is important.

And then there are things that just make me giggle. This one says “He! He! He! Aunt Millie”

And this one just makes me chuckle.

The words of great authors… leading my mind to higher thoughts .

And then there are things, that get me thinking of things, that really have nothing to do with the item. Like this simple adding machine. The error and repeat buttons caught my attention. Found myself wishing there were such buttons for life. Remove the errors – those things of negative value, and repeat those things that add value! If only it were that simple ;0)

note: all pictures taken with my camera phone and processed with Pixlr-o-matic.


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Moscow, Russia 1992


Over twenty years ago, this little girl and her dad, entered my heart, and never left. I remember her joy and the song she sang (Калинка, калинка, калинка моя! – Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka moya!)… the smiles, of all those who stopped to listen. The smile her dad had for her, and only her, when she glanced his way… for when she turned back to her audience, his smile slipped away. I can only imagine the anguish… I do not know their story… I do not know their names. I know that times were tough, and that families were doing what they could, to have food on the table and roofs over their heads. I know that they were supporting each other… that neither would have been there as a solo act.

I know that she sang from her heart… for that is what called to me, as I walked the tunnels of the Moscow metro system. It is what called to so many that day. All of us stopping and listening… captivated by this bright spirit, willing to shine in the darkness.

Thinking of her now, I find myself wondering what is the song I am to sing – and who will be behind me, supporting me… smiling, when I glance his way? How will my spirit shine in the darkness? Whose heart will I touch?

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I have been pretty quiet as of late…
I had to search my soul…
I had to enter the darkness to find the light…
I had to let go of the fear to feel the love…


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I’ve been on the search for inspiration for this desired transformation… for me this means images, color… and of course warm cookies and milk ;0}… OH, and I have mentioned Instagram? I’m hooked!!

I’ve been thinking about revamping my blog for several months now. It was no longer serving its purpose – to delight me and my readers. It was feeling more like a have-to vs. a want-to. I spent more time coming up with excuses than I did actual posts. So when the email, announcing Susannah Conway’s “Blogging from the Heart” Workshop, arrived I knew the time had come to take action. I’ve participated in several of her other workshops… and have loved each one of them. I knew this one would be no different.

The six-week workshop just started Monday, and already my attitude, intention and excitement have shifted. Part of this could be the group of like-minded people Susannah’s courses always attract ;0} They have allowed me into their lives, and it has been a pleasant surprise! I’ve read some of their blog posts, checked out their pictures on Instagram (I, of course had to create my own account – biglittlebig. How could I not? It’s taking pictures, manipulating them, and then sharing them. It screams me!). And then of course there is Pinterest. A great place to collect images and inspiration. In fact I used it for one of the assignments to determine my ideal reader.

So the next few weeks will bring about more changes. I will continue to have posts focused on homesteading… it is part of who I am, but only a part. There are so many other things I want to share… things I am excited about. I am sure some of you will choose no longer to follow me. For that I am sorry… I hope you will stay with me @ BIGlittleBIG Pinterest and @ BIG little BIG… Homesteading in the PNW’s Facebook Page. These will continue to be focused on homesteading and permaculture.

I hope you will join me on this new journey… if the last few days are any indication, it’s going to be a fun one ;0}

Come on, join me! The more the merrier!!

Kari Ann

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I love doing a little walkabout in my garden… there is always something to find ;0}

I love how she has aged in the garden

had the snowball viburnum cut down… and found this =0}

it has been YEARS since a family, with children, has lived in this house… and yet, each year, I find at least one forgotten toy, somewhere in the garden… and then, of course, there are the remnants of the veggie gardens past…

doesn’t take much to delight me =0}

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I am a sucker for the good old days! I live in a house built in the early 1900’s. Every once in a while, I find myself wondering what my home and garden have been witness to. What stories would they tell?

Occasionally, while digging in my garden, in an attempt to create my own history, I get a little glimpse theirs…

What was the perfume, and on which occasions was it worn? Who did it belong to, and who gave it to her? Did the child know this woman who lived in this house before her?…

On other days, I wander in antique stores, looking for other stories. My favorites are the photos… oh, the photos. Windows into a moment of time…



Love the laundry behind the neat little rows of the garden!

Oh, those smiles! What I really want to know, is what are those cans on the sticks used for, and what was the purpose of the large barrel?

I love to so the same thing… wander the garden and touch the plants ;0}

Captured Moments:

What is the occasion? New home, engagement? Is that a hankie in her hand? Why? What is behind her smile?

Love the babies serious little face… perhaps because she is bundled up and others around her are not… why is she in a coat and hat and the woman holding her is in a dress? Love the woman’s smile as she is looking at the little one… adoration of a mother?

This one just makes me laugh! Would love to know what they are both thinking… and which one had this in a photo album?

This one, I have had for a while. One of my favorite time periods (explains the house I live in ;0})… and I just love her stance and expression… I want to be her!

I think I like this one, because it reminds me of a few of my baby pictures, where I am squinting :0}

Who is she posing for? Did he take the picture, or did her girlfriend take it, so she could send him a picture?

I love the brightness of this image… not just the light, but the feeling of it.


It isn’t the blurry little boy who caught my eye, but the girl/woman on the porch. What is she reading? What was the story? Was she struggling to read? Why is she reading on the porch? And why was that more interesting than the person with the camera?

Now I want to go wander in antique stores again ;0}


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I’ve been on a new kick: seeking the kitchen tools of days gone by!

It’s quite fun, wandering through antique shops, and seeing what those that have gone before, have left behind. I’m not looking for the ordinary tools. I want the ones that are forgotten, or not often seen. And here is the tricky part, I want a bargain ;0}

Here are my latest finds:

I see egg beaters all the time. Most are pretty beaten up (no pun intended). When I saw this one, I had to keep myself from squealing with delight. Not only is the mechanism in great shape, doesn’t stick when you use the crank, but it comes with a cover/shield and a crock, with no cracks or chips. I think it’s pretty amazing.

This, believe it or not, is a mayonnaise maker, created by Wesson Oil. The recipe is right on the bottle. As far as I can figure, the egg, vinegar or lemon juice, and salt, go in the jar, and are mixed/whisked together. Then the oil is slowly added, through the lid, and everything is whisked together. Can you see the hole in the lid, and the cupping of the grooved lid, that allows the oil to be added slowly. I am going to have to play with this one, but then again, that is the point =0}

This one isn’t so unusual, except that it has the owner’s manual, and it’s in fantastic shape. I actually want to go out and buy some meat, just to try it… I suppose I could try it on carrots ;0} But first I need to prime it, as the directions recommend.

Now if only I could get additional parts, at the prices listed in the manual ;0}

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