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“Sort sock drawer” has been on my to-do-list for MONTHS. It was so full, that there was a risk of socks jumping out, every time I opened the drawer. Today, I finally took on the task =0}

I’m trying, my hardest, to reduce-reuse-recycle-repurpose those things I normally just toss. This was no exception. I had an idea in my head…

You see, a few weeks back, my elbow was so dry, that it would crack and bleed, when I bent my arm.  I had the salve, needed to heal it, but no way to protect my clothes, from the oil-based salve. Band-Aids were too small, and we won’t even discuss the glitch with the adhesive =0}, and Ace bandages were simply over the top.

I happened to have a sock, with its toe cut off (I had been using it for sock bun curls, but had since, cut my hair). I cut the sock at the heel, and had two perfect tubes to slip over my elbow. It worked wonders. I could slather on the healing salve, slip on the sock band, and go on with my day. I wanted to make more… here was my chance!

Since using the sock bands, with the salve, I realized that they could also be used to hold ice-packs and poultices.

fold over longer socks, to make a pocket for the ice-pack

when done, toss in the wash, to be used again

my basket of new healing bands : 0}


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I love doing a little walkabout in my garden… there is always something to find ;0}

I love how she has aged in the garden

had the snowball viburnum cut down… and found this =0}

it has been YEARS since a family, with children, has lived in this house… and yet, each year, I find at least one forgotten toy, somewhere in the garden… and then, of course, there are the remnants of the veggie gardens past…

doesn’t take much to delight me =0}

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Spring has definitely sprung:


Loshka and Vandana

rhubarb and alpine strawberries

garlic and leeks

happy together – Suki, Loshka, and Vandana



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I’m always on the lookout for great baskets.  There is just something about the shapes, textures, and materials that draws me in. Maybe it’s because it is a functional art form ;0}  I’ve thought of creating some of my own… have even gone so far, as to add plants to my garden that could provide materials in the future (willow and red twig dogwood). I’m thinking this could be a skill that will be of great use in the future… I mean, we all need something to store items in =0}

Year after year, I’ve circled the basketry (and the ceramic, and the photography, and the medicinal herbs ;0}) workshops in the community class schedules. Then somehow, it gets lost in the day-to-day shuffle, we call life. This time, Hubby signed me up, as a Christmas gift! Class was last Saturday!!

Peeta Tinay (Whicker and Basketry ) showing us how it’s done

the beginnings

the base… can you see the bit with the slight twist to it… the spoke was a little weak and the weavers overpowered it

added spokes to the base

worked on the sides

added in some colors and played with a different weave pattern

rolled the edge

the finished basket!!

I am addicted!! I signed up for Peeta’s other workshop, where we meet once a week, for a two-hour session, for four weeks. I must confess, I liked the all-day workshop better, but I’ll take what I can get ;0}

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I did it again… spent an unmentionable amount of time, flipping through old pictures in an antique shop ;0}

love that she’s wearing pearls!

they deserve a rest with that garden

garden work is never done

growing sticks, all in a row

three generations in the garden

look at those rose bushes and the clematis!

THIS, I think, is my favorite!

I’m thinking, “grandpa’s pride and joy”

just makes me smile =0}

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Can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long… I post my pictures to my Facebook Page, and think I have posted the pictures to here, as well. Perhaps I need to do that the other way around ;0}

I returned to Seattle’s NW Flower and Garden Show, and was once again torn between loving it and hating it. I LOVE the gardens, but HATE the crowds. I pay $20 for the tickets and another $10+ for parking. I would gladly pay $40, if I could get in and look at the gardens, with a couple hundred people, instead of the thousands I had to navigate around! It just drives me insane!!

Here’s what I loved:

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I am a sucker for the good old days! I live in a house built in the early 1900’s. Every once in a while, I find myself wondering what my home and garden have been witness to. What stories would they tell?

Occasionally, while digging in my garden, in an attempt to create my own history, I get a little glimpse theirs…

What was the perfume, and on which occasions was it worn? Who did it belong to, and who gave it to her? Did the child know this woman who lived in this house before her?…

On other days, I wander in antique stores, looking for other stories. My favorites are the photos… oh, the photos. Windows into a moment of time…



Love the laundry behind the neat little rows of the garden!

Oh, those smiles! What I really want to know, is what are those cans on the sticks used for, and what was the purpose of the large barrel?

I love to so the same thing… wander the garden and touch the plants ;0}

Captured Moments:

What is the occasion? New home, engagement? Is that a hankie in her hand? Why? What is behind her smile?

Love the babies serious little face… perhaps because she is bundled up and others around her are not… why is she in a coat and hat and the woman holding her is in a dress? Love the woman’s smile as she is looking at the little one… adoration of a mother?

This one just makes me laugh! Would love to know what they are both thinking… and which one had this in a photo album?

This one, I have had for a while. One of my favorite time periods (explains the house I live in ;0})… and I just love her stance and expression… I want to be her!

I think I like this one, because it reminds me of a few of my baby pictures, where I am squinting :0}

Who is she posing for? Did he take the picture, or did her girlfriend take it, so she could send him a picture?

I love the brightness of this image… not just the light, but the feeling of it.


It isn’t the blurry little boy who caught my eye, but the girl/woman on the porch. What is she reading? What was the story? Was she struggling to read? Why is she reading on the porch? And why was that more interesting than the person with the camera?

Now I want to go wander in antique stores again ;0}


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