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Nature is the balm of my soul… she soothes and comforts like nothing else. She is who I turn to when I struggle… even when she might be the cause of my struggle…

I had learned that a friend, from my youth, had taken his life. My soul was in a dark place and needed nature’s healing touch. I needed to be near water… I didn’t want to just go to the beach… I didn’t really want to be near people. I just wanted to walk and be with nature. I wanted to feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and the earth beneath my feet. So I headed west towards the ocean… to the Copalis River Spit Trail… for the first time.

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It is definitely a place I will return to. It was just what I needed… a path that revealed a little more with each turn… and yet, somehow didn’t… knowing where I wanted to be, but not quite sure how I was going to get there. I loved hiking through the dunes… seeing and hearing the ocean before I could touch her… and then, finally reaching her.

I loved watching the ocean reveal herself as the mist lifted. It was as if I had entered another world… a secluded world, with no one else around… just what I needed at that moment. As the mist lifted, so did the darkness around my soul… each step and each breath brought more light.


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Bee Bum

Oh to be a bee, flitting from flower to flower in the sunshine!!!

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There is nothing better than walking into my garden and seeing it come into fruit…

arctic and fuzzy kiwi

I have a fence on the east-side covered in kiwi vines. I have both arctic (small and grape-like) and fuzzy. The mild spring seems to have done the kiwi good… there has never been this much fruit waiting to ripen. Last year we had fruit drop… so keeping my fingers crossed =0)


THIS is the extent of our cherry harvest – yep, all three!!… I knew it was going to be small… but this small? It was too cold for the bees to be out when the tree was in bloom. I should have hand-pollinated (it’s a dwarf tree)… it has been noted in my garden notebook for the next time we have a similar spring… which hopefully won’t be anytime soon =0)

strawberry patch (1st two pics are woodland strawberries)

There is a little sunny patch behind the little house… a spot that I forget about, but luckily the sun doesn’t =0)  I had more strawberry plants than I knew what to do with two summers ago… I knew it was sunny back there, so I filled the hill with strawberries. There is a little woodland strawberry tucked into a corner… it was one plant two years ago… now it is several… love the self-propagation of strawberries!! There wasn’t much fruit last year… so I didn’t expect much this year. Was I ever surprised this morning… the hill is filled. I ate to my heart’s content and there is still plenty left =0)

Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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As some of you know, I have two hens. I allow them to roam my garden… I can’t stand to see them locked up in their coop/run… even though it is quite large for just two hens. There is something about watching them roam freely… following the sun or a bug.

As some of you also know, I have a garden filled with plants. Sometimes my girls… actually just one of my hens, Goldie, gets a little aggressive with her worm/bug search. She has been known to uproot plants. So I have begun to block her from my plants. Here is my newest creation… I love being able to use discarded things for new purposes.

IKEA crib base and trimmings from my hazelnut hedge

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I cannot believe it has been a month since I last posted… how quickly time passes when you lose focus. You see, a handful of trained photographers came into my circle of acquaintances over the last few months… as I heard them talk about their training, websites and customers, I found myself wondering if I really do have a talent… I found myself hesitating to take out my camera…

So I took myself to my favorite close-by thinking spot – Budd Inlet. It took awhile before I actually got out of the car… and a little while longer before I took my first picture. They are not my best pictures… but they are a reminder that I need to take every opportunity to have my hands on my camera… that I need to know her strengths and weaknesses, just as I need to know my own…

Favorite Place to Think

Why is it that the voice of doubt runs on a continual loop, but the compliments we receive are quickly filed away… rarely to be heard again? I need to spend more time listening to praise of those who know me!

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