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I love to wander local shops… to see what I can see.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a language arts card reminding me to move forward.

Other times, I’m reminded what is important.

And then there are things that just make me giggle. This one says “He! He! He! Aunt Millie”

And this one just makes me chuckle.

The words of great authors… leading my mind to higher thoughts .

And then there are things, that get me thinking of things, that really have nothing to do with the item. Like this simple adding machine. The error and repeat buttons caught my attention. Found myself wishing there were such buttons for life. Remove the errors – those things of negative value, and repeat those things that add value! If only it were that simple ;0)

note: all pictures taken with my camera phone and processed with Pixlr-o-matic.


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Moscow, Russia 1992


Over twenty years ago, this little girl and her dad, entered my heart, and never left. I remember her joy and the song she sang (Калинка, калинка, калинка моя! – Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka moya!)… the smiles, of all those who stopped to listen. The smile her dad had for her, and only her, when she glanced his way… for when she turned back to her audience, his smile slipped away. I can only imagine the anguish… I do not know their story… I do not know their names. I know that times were tough, and that families were doing what they could, to have food on the table and roofs over their heads. I know that they were supporting each other… that neither would have been there as a solo act.

I know that she sang from her heart… for that is what called to me, as I walked the tunnels of the Moscow metro system. It is what called to so many that day. All of us stopping and listening… captivated by this bright spirit, willing to shine in the darkness.

Thinking of her now, I find myself wondering what is the song I am to sing – and who will be behind me, supporting me… smiling, when I glance his way? How will my spirit shine in the darkness? Whose heart will I touch?

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I did it again… spent an unmentionable amount of time, flipping through old pictures in an antique shop ;0}

love that she’s wearing pearls!

they deserve a rest with that garden

garden work is never done

growing sticks, all in a row

three generations in the garden

look at those rose bushes and the clematis!

THIS, I think, is my favorite!

I’m thinking, “grandpa’s pride and joy”

just makes me smile =0}

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I am a sucker for the good old days! I live in a house built in the early 1900’s. Every once in a while, I find myself wondering what my home and garden have been witness to. What stories would they tell?

Occasionally, while digging in my garden, in an attempt to create my own history, I get a little glimpse theirs…

What was the perfume, and on which occasions was it worn? Who did it belong to, and who gave it to her? Did the child know this woman who lived in this house before her?…

On other days, I wander in antique stores, looking for other stories. My favorites are the photos… oh, the photos. Windows into a moment of time…



Love the laundry behind the neat little rows of the garden!

Oh, those smiles! What I really want to know, is what are those cans on the sticks used for, and what was the purpose of the large barrel?

I love to so the same thing… wander the garden and touch the plants ;0}

Captured Moments:

What is the occasion? New home, engagement? Is that a hankie in her hand? Why? What is behind her smile?

Love the babies serious little face… perhaps because she is bundled up and others around her are not… why is she in a coat and hat and the woman holding her is in a dress? Love the woman’s smile as she is looking at the little one… adoration of a mother?

This one just makes me laugh! Would love to know what they are both thinking… and which one had this in a photo album?

This one, I have had for a while. One of my favorite time periods (explains the house I live in ;0})… and I just love her stance and expression… I want to be her!

I think I like this one, because it reminds me of a few of my baby pictures, where I am squinting :0}

Who is she posing for? Did he take the picture, or did her girlfriend take it, so she could send him a picture?

I love the brightness of this image… not just the light, but the feeling of it.


It isn’t the blurry little boy who caught my eye, but the girl/woman on the porch. What is she reading? What was the story? Was she struggling to read? Why is she reading on the porch? And why was that more interesting than the person with the camera?

Now I want to go wander in antique stores again ;0}


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As I watched War Horse, the movie, this weekend, I found myself paying attention to the farms and homes. There were baskets hanging from the beams. Bottles, jars and jugs to be seen everywhere. Some were stacked, waiting to be filled, and others were filled with herbs, and others with jams. There were herbs hanging from hooks. I was in heaven, checking out all the details…

I was perplexed by the lack of chickens, goats, and cows. There was a goose, with quite a personality. Was it a choice in telling the story, or did they really not raise any kind of meat or have a source of dairy? The farm seemed so quiet without the chickens clucking in the background. Even my garden has chickens clucking ;0}. It got me to thinking about a picture I knew I had, of my Grandma Ruth working in the garden, as a child.

Pulsipher Farm in Cache Valley, Utah

As I searched for this one, I came across several others. It warmed my heart, to realize, that homesteading is in my blood – isn’t it in most of ours ;0} Now if only I could ask them how they lived their day-to-day life. I would love to be in the garden with them, working side by side, picking their brains, asking when and what to grow, and how much. Then step into the kitchen and learn to can and prepare a meal on a wood-stove… oh the list goes on… as does the list of skills I want to acquire this coming year. I’m excited for this source of inspiration!! Here are the other images I came across:

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spring rain

There is something about spring rain that makes me feel the urge/need to get everything in order inside, so I can enjoy my time outside. You know, on those days when the sun breaks through for hours or even days at a time, and all things inside are forgotten about? My list of things to do inside is growing…

Here is the dilemma I always face… being overwhelmed by the size of the list. You see I have a few ongoing projects that just never seem to ever get finished. Mostly because I overestimated our combined skill level… or my motivation. These unfinished projects are always in the back of my mind when I begin dreaming about new projects… and cause me to wonder if I should really go forward with my idea.

I have learned that I have to set a goal with a reward attached. My reward this time? A bunny… a living, breathing bunny! And not just because Easter is around the corner. I’ve wanted to add one to my backyard-animals for some time now. Why?

  1. they are soft, cuddly and adorable
  2. they are quiet
  3. their manure makes AWESOME fertilizer for the garden

So that is what I am motivating myself with… my husband doesn’t know this, but he will as soon as he reads this post =D He does know I am a sucker for little animals, so it won’t come as a surprise. Here is what I need to accomplish before the bunny can join our family:

  1. reorganize/purge kitchen cabinets completed 4/15
  2. sew pantry curtains
  3. sew bedroom curtains
  4. install curtain rods in sun-room
  5. sew sun-room curtains
  6. slipcover for window-seat

… there are probably a few more I should add, like paint the kitchen, paint the hutch, finish laying the bamboo floor in the basement and purge the back building (once again), but I don’t want to wait that long for my bunny ;-}

feeding great grandpa’s bunnies

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Days Gone By

Days Gone By

The smell of hyacinth always reminds me of the Metro in Moscow, Russia. Are you asking yourself if you read that right =D Yes, I said the smell of hyacinth reminds me of Moscow’s Metro. Here’s why:

I spent a semester abroad teaching children English. It was an extended semester stretching from January to June. As you can imagine, we arrived in the bitter cold of winter. I was prepared for the winter. What I wasn’t prepared for was the delight and warmth of spring and summer.

When I wasn’t teaching the children, I was off visiting classmates, sight-seeing or in class. The family I lived with, lived beyond the last Metro station on the red line – Yugo-Zapadnaya. This meant at least 45 minutes on the Metro (not including the 20 minute bus ride that brought me to the Metro). It was during one of my many commutes that I passed a woman selling flowers… that in and of itself, was not unusual. There was always someone buying flowers to bring to someone… there was always something to buy. What caught my attention was that it was not a bouquet, but a single stem wrapped in cellophane. I recognized it instantly – a hyacinth, one of my favorites. How could I resist? What I hadn’t counted on was the intoxication of its scent as I carried it with me. I would be riding the escalator down to the station and get lost in its scent. I almost missed a connection because I was so transported. Imagine the contrast of smells… an old and well used Metro system packed full with people and a hyacinth… I would spend the next hour enveloped in its scent… forgetting all about the squeezing and shoving that was going on around me… forgetting I was in Moscow…

The smell still transports me… to the Moscow Metro =D

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