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Oh, man oh man! Can we say yumMEEE? I don’t think a piece of bread has ever tasted SO good!! There must be something about eating warm bread, made by your own hands, that transports you to the clouds. Maybe fresh butter, instead of store butter, or homemade jam, instead of the local honey, could have made it better, but I don’t think so.

And to top it off, it was so easy to make. The trickiest part was waiting the hours and hours for it to bubble and rise, but I didn’t have to do any kneading, so no complaints here =0}

If you haven’t tried this bread yet, you need to. The smell of flour, yeast, and water blending together, is enough to transport you. And then there is the smell of the dough baking, filling the house with an indescribable smell of warmth, the sound of the knife cracking through the crust, and the butter melting into all the cracks and crannies… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination ;0}

I just followed the directions for No-Knead Bread at Be mindful that there is a difference between instant yeast and dry active yeast. You want the instant (rapid-rise) yeast. It’s what allows you to walk away and let it do its thing, instead of kneading and kneading.

Have fun!


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