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Having one of those weeks where I feel like I am getting nothing done. 1) chard is going to seed 2) wormwood needs to be planted 3) front planting bed needs to be weeded 4) various other plants need to go into the ground 5) the hens need access to a dust bath that does not endanger plants 6) kale is going to seed 7) gooseberries are suddenly splitting and dropping to the ground 8) potato plants need to be hilled up and 9) clover needs to be worked into the garden beds… and this just covers the things I actually took pictures of ;0}

But then I am reminded that there is bounty in my garden as well – flowers for the bees and fruit and herbs for us ;0} Italian plums, lemon balm, raspberries, valerian, pears and lavender… and so much more that isn’t pictures here!

I had the day off from work today… which always seems to create a day of urgency, instead a day of accomplishment. It was a 1) rain-boot kind of day! so pulled them on and cuffed up my pants 2) I finally got around to installing the fairy pool and homes (from a local artist group at Kennedy Creek Pottery – they call them bird feeders =0}) 3) went and picked up a few things at the Olympia Farmers Market – had some market dollars burning a hole in my pocket 4) just couldn’t resist the Blondköpfchen (“little blonde head” in German) tomato plant – I grew up in Austria and was blonde back then :0} 5) picked up cherries for hubby and tossed in some garlic scapes 6) added a few more tomato plants, a couple of peppers and a tomatillo 7) in the afternoon, a movie date with my niece (did I mention that I got a picture-text around 3:30 am, from one of four – that’s right, FOUR pregnant sisters (okay! one is a sister-in-law ;0}) in Virginia, with the news that my newest nephew had arrived? James Stephen arrived three weeks early and weighed in at just over 8 lbs.!! The movie choice seemed appropriate – What to Expect When You are Expecting.) 8) met hubby and his work colleagues for dinner… almost stepped on this guy outside the restaurant… he seemed to be enjoying his meal ;0} 9) finally got around to some of my herbs… transferred the dried Calendula to some olive oil to infuse, bottled up dried violet leaves and lemon balm leaves. Then spent an hour collecting feverfew leaves and set them up in the dehydrator.

All in all, a good day… but still so many things to do!! Pulling double shifts the next two days, but then I’ll have a half-day and a day off again! Don’t worry… I’ll find time to take pictures… I always do ;0}


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Just spent the last two days at the  Mother Earth News Fair surrounded by like-minded people… okay, some not-so-like-minded people. You know the types, the ones that answer their cell phones right in the middle of the presentation and carry on a conversation… boy, do they get my goat (needed an excuse for a goat picture ;0}) I was there to listen to the presenter, not their cell phone conversation!

Isn’t she a sweetie? [Instagram]

I was there seeking that information that catapults you from unsure to I can do this! I went from workshop to workshop, hoping that this one would be the one. I gathered some tidbits here and there… but for the most part, I didn’t learn anything new. In a few situations, I felt like I knew more than the presenter… SO, have I already hit the I can do this! point and am simply procrastinating putting it all into practice? Am I allowing myself to be herded along with the other sheep … not wanting to stand out in the crowd? (wait for it, wait for it! I just needed another excuse for an animal picture ;0})

good thing I don’t have a farm, cause she would have come home with me!! [Instagram]

So now what?!

What do I do with the tidbits I did collect? Do they just get added to the ever-growing to-do-list? How? How do I use this new information to catapult myself to that next level? Well, I know the answer! I need to apply it!! I need to stop taking notes (not to be confused with documenting or data collecting) and start doing! I need to start scratching some things off my to-do-list!! Will you help me… remind me, if I post my list here?

  • create a seasonal calendar/journal when and how to harvest wild foods/herbs – photo journal?
  • create a bio-time journal – daily weather and temp / what is in bloom and stages of vegetation – add images
  • learn one herb at a time and spend 1 year with it – learn its seasons – don’t think I’ll be able to limit myself on this one ;0}… too much urgency here!
  • add more medicinal plants to hedgerow – keep bee foraging in mind
  • create two more herb beds
  • harvest medicinal plant material
  • make medicines and use them – create a document that lists the medicine and its uses
  • dial-in my food-producing plant guilds – document it with images
  • aquaponics just can’t add one more thing right now
  • plan and plant for year-round vegetable harvest – decide how to extend growing season (plastic, old windows, grow lights)
  • increase diversity and variety of plants (even within a species)
  • plant existing plants (believe me, there are a lot!)
  • get the garden beds weeded and planted
  • share my knowledge and experience – teach a class (that one is scary!!)
  • celebrate!!

I think that is enough for now ;0}

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