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observation only

I have this love/hate relationships with garden shows. I think I love to go to them. I put them on my calendar and as each day passes I get giddy with anticipation… right up until I am at the ticket window paying for my ticket. And then I get in and find myself thinking “That’s it? I paid $20 for THIS?”… then I start adding in parking and food for the day. Suddenly I’m at $50 and I haven’t even purchased a plant or “must have” tool yet…

It wasn’t until I came across the above sign – observation only, at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show this weekend, that I was able to put my finger on what my irritation/disappointment was. These gardens are literally for observation only. They are filled with blossoms and plants, that were forced into their peak, just for the show. I will never be able to duplicate, in my garden, what they have created in a controlled environment. It just can’t be done… at least not by me.

I think I am done with garden shows… instead I will visit gardens in the real world… ones that have to survive the elements, just as mine must. I find myself thinking about the gardens of Jefferson’s Monticello and Washington’s Mt. Vernon (can you tell my family lives in Virginia?)… gardens that have proven themselves in the test of time. Ones that are both beautiful and practical. Surely there must be such a garden here on the west coast… or elsewhere in the world. What is your favorite garden? I love excuses to travel =D


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up to our eyeballs

It may be spring, but we are up to our eyeballs in snow here… at least we were. It was an odd little storm. It didn’t fall all at once… it was a little here and a little there. Snow started falling late Tuesday night. It would snow a few inches, settle down a bit, and then snow a bit more. It was delightful to watch… every form of snow you could imagine.

present and past

I have Quince branches, from our garden, in our sun room that are beginning to bloom… oddly they are pale pink and not the dark corral they are in the garden… but delightful just the same. It brought a smile to my face to see them blooming, even as I watched the snow grow deeper and deeper with each passing hour, outside our windows.

Went out for a walk in the neighborhood today… to see what I could see. I love how snow can bring details into focus… seed heads, fences, faded blossoms… and new blossoms! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the pink blossoms of the daphne… and I couldn’t keep from smiling as I saw the faded hydrangea blossoms dusted with snow and lit by the sun… details creating the bigger picture of the day.

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when I grow up

What will I be when I grow up… and when will that be? Yes I still ask myself those questions =} They are the questions that came to mind when I came across this Douglas-fir pine cone (you can tell it is Douglas-fir because of the little “mice tails”)… and then a few paces later a seedling. Who would have thought that a large tree would come from something that looks like the tail of a mouse… What will people say of me when I finally become what I hope to be…

still beautiful

Will I become beautiful with age? Will that which can’t be seen now, become visible? Will a new light radiate as I embark on the journey that will take me to where I want to be? I know the end result will be different from who I am now… just don’t know the details… and you know how I like details!

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Life as I See It… on my birthday

life is sweet

I have learned that life can be sweet… and that each of us defines ‘sweetness’ differently… that each of us finds delight in different ways… just as each of us is drawn to a specific candy in a row of gum ball machines.


For me it is the little things… not the grand gestures that bring me delight… add a little sparkle to my day. Like a cupcake and a whispered singing of “Happy Birthday” by a friend and her children in a little cupcake shop. I couldn’t have planned it better…

sweet cupcake

And then there was the perfect word of the day written on the chalkboard in the shop…

There was some definite regaling happening today. How could there not be… traveling in a car with my friend and her three children… my friend, by the way, that shares the same birthday. The kids singing various versions of “Happy Birthday” as we walked to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. Watching them help each other, hearing them discuss the art inspired by other children… a child’s perspective is always so unexpected and delightful…

hello 43!

It is days like today that remind me what life is really about… child-like joy in the world that surrounds us.  And as my husband reminded me with his gift:

It takes a long time to become young. – Pablo Picaso


We turn not older with years, but newer every day. – Emily Dickinson

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long walk

I have been playing around with some of the pictures I took last week. I liked the images, but something seemed to be missing. There wasn’t any depth… richness. So I decided to play around with some textures. I had noticed that several of my contacts on flickr mentioned Kim Klassen’s textures. So I went to her website to see what I could learn (I added her button to the right). She had a free e-course about textures. I am hooked… now I need to figure out how to make my own textures =D

clearing my mind

I saw this little stack of rocks (cairns – or some call them stupas) on a stack of logs. I love finding little stacks of rocks. It says ‘someone has been here’… and they weren’t in a hurry. How often do we see signs of that? How often do we have the time to see the sign?


The person that stacked these rocks had to climb over a pile of logs, left by the tide, to get to the beach. Once at the beach, each rock had to be chosen… paying attention to size and shape. They then climbed back over the logs to find the perfect log to stack the rocks upon. I imagine they took their time with this process… listening to the sound of the surf, pausing once in a while to watch the waves crashing against the sea stacks (the large rock formations out in the water) and the beach. I imagine that they sat there on the log, next to their stack of rocks, and took a moment to contemplate. Perhaps they were struggling in life and just needed a moment of peace… or perhaps they were counting their blessings. What comes to your mind as you sit and look at this image?

Ruby Beach – Washington

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I love seastars.

I really love seastars.

Happy Together

I especially love seastars clustered together. There is something about those little clusters… especially when there are different colors. One day I will get brave enough to view them from under water. The image must be even more spectacular when the anemones are open. That’s what those little green mounds are – anemones tucked in waiting for the water to return. Under water they open up and dance.

Beach #4

playing with textures on the last two pictures =D

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spreading joy

It always amazes me how something so little can bring so much joy. I am not even sure how these croci found their way into my garden… but I am glad they did. I’m sure I planted them… I just don’t recall doing so =D


It was such a delight to see a little flash of yellow… see them throw up their leaves in celebration… as if singing praises to the spring. How could I not smile and snap a picture?

from above

I love how croci open as the day warms… as if they are stretching to soak in as much sun as possible. Can you blame them… it is, after all, February and still quite cold. They are gone from my garden now… but not from my mind. Seeing these pictures always delights me…

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