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It has been a long couple of days… Thursday night I felt an all-too-familiar twinge on my right side. It was the deep pinching pain of a kidney stone. I have had them in the past… so I knew what was coming… at least I thought I did. In the past, it was all over within 48 hours… I had endured the grogginess of narcotics and the embarrassment of pulling over and puking in the neighbors bushes… and later puking at work and having to ask for help to clean it up. The pain had eased, but never ceased… allowing me to continue working. Five days later I was still feeling that deep pinching sensation… at Urgent Care it was confirmed that kidney stones were still present… four to be exact. Suddenly plans for my two days off changed…

I had planned to be in my garden, for hours, over the next two days… so many seeds to plant and seedlings to transplant. Between my pain and the effects of my meds I was not able to be where I wanted to be… on my hands and knees digging in the soil of my garden. Instead, during moments of occasional lucidity, I made plans for the garden… digging thru pages of the work of others… hoping to glean something of the time they spent in their gardens… We shall see what effects the meds had on my mental state… I will wait to put my plans into action when I am no longer under the influence of narcotics… perhaps I should do the same for this post =D


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