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I love to wander local shops… to see what I can see.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a language arts card reminding me to move forward.

Other times, I’m reminded what is important.

And then there are things that just make me giggle. This one says “He! He! He! Aunt Millie”

And this one just makes me chuckle.

The words of great authors… leading my mind to higher thoughts .

And then there are things, that get me thinking of things, that really have nothing to do with the item. Like this simple adding machine. The error and repeat buttons caught my attention. Found myself wishing there were such buttons for life. Remove the errors – those things of negative value, and repeat those things that add value! If only it were that simple ;0)

note: all pictures taken with my camera phone and processed with Pixlr-o-matic.


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The last few months I have learned to be open to possibilities. That I can’t control the outcomes, but I can choose to be open to miracles and the unexpected. My world has been filled with unexpected delights! Sometimes, the thing you are seeking…

is not the thing that brings you the most delight.

True, Trilliums make me smile,
but Skunk Cabbage (or as my professor likes to call them; Swamp Lanterns) delights my soul!!! They are just such a bright spot in the darkness of the forest floor… why I love to call them Swamp Lanterns… and yet, their perfume won’t allow me to forget their other common name.








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Sometimes my pursuits and passions get blurry. I lose track of what it is that I really want to spend my hours doing. Sometimes the pursuits and passions of others distract me… please tell me I’m not the only one ;0}

No matter what I pursue, it always comes back to photography and creating images… having that camera in hand… focusing in on a detail… or not. Sometimes it is about creating a feeling… even a reminder. That is what this image is about for me – a reminder of my driving pursuit and passion. It is a reflection of me, creating an image, through a raindrop-smattered window of an art supply store in downtown Olympia (the colors you see are their pens and pencils – just the thought of all those glorious colors makes me giddy)… it captures me with my camera in hand, looking at tools of creativity and expression, through the window of a local business… and the rain of the PNW.

For me, this was a moment of clarity… that happened to come on a day where Hubby and I were pursuing our different pursuits and passions… together and yet apart. He was running the Capital City Half-Marathon and asked me to come document it (and cheer him on). That meant capturing the beginning and the end of the race… with anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours in between.

So I captured what I wanted at the beginning… but now what was I going to do? It was early on a Sunday morning and the only things open were the local coffee shops. I could have popped in for a coffee, as hundreds of others were doing, but that was too many people for me. So instead I went window shopping ;0}

There is so much eye-candy to be found in our city… you just have to know where to look… I’ll give you a hint; they are all local shops! And so much inspiration… one day, one day soon, my work will be found in one of these shops… at least that is the hope of my heart!!

And of course there were some other things along the way that caught my eye…

The snail is only cute because she is not in my garden ;0}

Are your pursuits and passions a blur? Have you lost focus? What helps you see clearly? Do one thing this week that will help you bring it all back into focus… sometimes just asking the question will get you more clarity. It’s worth a try!

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Decided to drive down to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm last week… wanted to try something different. I usually drive up to the Skaggit Valley Tulip Festival. This time I was killing two birds with one stone… I was heading down to attend a presentation by Marisha Auerbach on how to grow your all your own produce in 2.5 years (if you ever have the chance to attend any of her presentations or workshops, do!! She has great info, like this: Perennial Forage Handout), so I looked into other things to do near Portland.

All the way down I-5, it poured! So much so, that I almost changed plans. Yes, I have gear to protect my camera, but it gets pretty cumbersome. I was 5 miles out, when the rain stopped!

It was a little field… but enough to keep me busy wandering around as storm clouds rolled around the field.

It turned out to be a great tie in – tulips are edible!! I’ll be adding lots more tulips to my garden!

Someone was there blowing bubbles… it was pretty windy, so I had to move fast to capture them ;0}

Just as I started to head back to the car, the rains came down again!


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Can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long… I post my pictures to my Facebook Page, and think I have posted the pictures to here, as well. Perhaps I need to do that the other way around ;0}

I returned to Seattle’s NW Flower and Garden Show, and was once again torn between loving it and hating it. I LOVE the gardens, but HATE the crowds. I pay $20 for the tickets and another $10+ for parking. I would gladly pay $40, if I could get in and look at the gardens, with a couple hundred people, instead of the thousands I had to navigate around! It just drives me insane!!

Here’s what I loved:

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I am a sucker for the good old days! I live in a house built in the early 1900’s. Every once in a while, I find myself wondering what my home and garden have been witness to. What stories would they tell?

Occasionally, while digging in my garden, in an attempt to create my own history, I get a little glimpse theirs…

What was the perfume, and on which occasions was it worn? Who did it belong to, and who gave it to her? Did the child know this woman who lived in this house before her?…

On other days, I wander in antique stores, looking for other stories. My favorites are the photos… oh, the photos. Windows into a moment of time…



Love the laundry behind the neat little rows of the garden!

Oh, those smiles! What I really want to know, is what are those cans on the sticks used for, and what was the purpose of the large barrel?

I love to so the same thing… wander the garden and touch the plants ;0}

Captured Moments:

What is the occasion? New home, engagement? Is that a hankie in her hand? Why? What is behind her smile?

Love the babies serious little face… perhaps because she is bundled up and others around her are not… why is she in a coat and hat and the woman holding her is in a dress? Love the woman’s smile as she is looking at the little one… adoration of a mother?

This one just makes me laugh! Would love to know what they are both thinking… and which one had this in a photo album?

This one, I have had for a while. One of my favorite time periods (explains the house I live in ;0})… and I just love her stance and expression… I want to be her!

I think I like this one, because it reminds me of a few of my baby pictures, where I am squinting :0}

Who is she posing for? Did he take the picture, or did her girlfriend take it, so she could send him a picture?

I love the brightness of this image… not just the light, but the feeling of it.


It isn’t the blurry little boy who caught my eye, but the girl/woman on the porch. What is she reading? What was the story? Was she struggling to read? Why is she reading on the porch? And why was that more interesting than the person with the camera?

Now I want to go wander in antique stores again ;0}


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