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Just spent the last two days at the  Mother Earth News Fair surrounded by like-minded people… okay, some not-so-like-minded people. You know the types, the ones that answer their cell phones right in the middle of the presentation and carry on a conversation… boy, do they get my goat (needed an excuse for a goat picture ;0}) I was there to listen to the presenter, not their cell phone conversation!

Isn’t she a sweetie? [Instagram]

I was there seeking that information that catapults you from unsure to I can do this! I went from workshop to workshop, hoping that this one would be the one. I gathered some tidbits here and there… but for the most part, I didn’t learn anything new. In a few situations, I felt like I knew more than the presenter… SO, have I already hit the I can do this! point and am simply procrastinating putting it all into practice? Am I allowing myself to be herded along with the other sheep … not wanting to stand out in the crowd? (wait for it, wait for it! I just needed another excuse for an animal picture ;0})

good thing I don’t have a farm, cause she would have come home with me!! [Instagram]

So now what?!

What do I do with the tidbits I did collect? Do they just get added to the ever-growing to-do-list? How? How do I use this new information to catapult myself to that next level? Well, I know the answer! I need to apply it!! I need to stop taking notes (not to be confused with documenting or data collecting) and start doing! I need to start scratching some things off my to-do-list!! Will you help me… remind me, if I post my list here?

  • create a seasonal calendar/journal when and how to harvest wild foods/herbs – photo journal?
  • create a bio-time journal – daily weather and temp / what is in bloom and stages of vegetation – add images
  • learn one herb at a time and spend 1 year with it – learn its seasons – don’t think I’ll be able to limit myself on this one ;0}… too much urgency here!
  • add more medicinal plants to hedgerow – keep bee foraging in mind
  • create two more herb beds
  • harvest medicinal plant material
  • make medicines and use them – create a document that lists the medicine and its uses
  • dial-in my food-producing plant guilds – document it with images
  • aquaponics just can’t add one more thing right now
  • plan and plant for year-round vegetable harvest – decide how to extend growing season (plastic, old windows, grow lights)
  • increase diversity and variety of plants (even within a species)
  • plant existing plants (believe me, there are a lot!)
  • get the garden beds weeded and planted
  • share my knowledge and experience – teach a class (that one is scary!!)
  • celebrate!!

I think that is enough for now ;0}


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10 things I know to be true:

1. EVERYTHING has its season… so give your dream some time

2. first impressions are tainted with assumptions… so give ’em a second chance

3. laughter IS the best medicine… try it

4. mankind CAN reverse the damage we’ve done to the earth… if we work with her

5. karma is a bitch… but ONLY if you are

6. community is vital… shared vision can bring about miracles

7. love and hope transform; fear and hate paralyze… I choose love and hope

8. nature heals… turn to the land, the mountains, the sea… and breathe

9. there is always, ALWAYS a choice… even if it is to simply choose to see it from the brighter-side

10. we find what we seek… know what you want so you can recognize it when it is front of you


*inspired by Sarah Kay

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