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I love to wander local shops… to see what I can see.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a language arts card reminding me to move forward.

Other times, I’m reminded what is important.

And then there are things that just make me giggle. This one says “He! He! He! Aunt Millie”

And this one just makes me chuckle.

The words of great authors… leading my mind to higher thoughts .

And then there are things, that get me thinking of things, that really have nothing to do with the item. Like this simple adding machine. The error and repeat buttons caught my attention. Found myself wishing there were such buttons for life. Remove the errors – those things of negative value, and repeat those things that add value! If only it were that simple ;0)

note: all pictures taken with my camera phone and processed with Pixlr-o-matic.


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Can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long… I post my pictures to my Facebook Page, and think I have posted the pictures to here, as well. Perhaps I need to do that the other way around ;0}

I returned to Seattle’s NW Flower and Garden Show, and was once again torn between loving it and hating it. I LOVE the gardens, but HATE the crowds. I pay $20 for the tickets and another $10+ for parking. I would gladly pay $40, if I could get in and look at the gardens, with a couple hundred people, instead of the thousands I had to navigate around! It just drives me insane!!

Here’s what I loved:

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little details

I know, I know… I said I didn’t get any good ideas… I was talking about the bigger picture… inspiration for my garden at large. All these pictures are of the little display gardens… the little details that caught my eye. Ways of adding a new twist or personal touch.

old as new again

I am always drawn to old tool boxes, buckets and egg collecting baskets… but never knew what to do with them. Now I have some ideas… and a use for the rocks, shells and driftwood I am collecting.

colors of February

I love the islands of moss with the little spikes of spring flowers poking through. And then there’s the addition of amethyst purple… both in crushed glass and flowers… of course I might be a little biased, seeing as it is my birthstone =D

NW Flower and Garden Show – Seattle

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